There are certain things that characterize a Thai beach experience—clear waters, white sand, and the iconic longtail boats that dot the shore. No matter where you go, you’ll find vendors peddling food, drink, souvenirs, or massages. There will be plenty of ice-cold beverages (frozen mixed cocktails, coconuts, or local Singha beer). And most likely, you’ll be elbow to elbow with other people.

What To Expect

From romantic spots known for their sunsets to incredible adventure destinations where you can zipline between islands and amazing resort beaches, our list has it all. It’s a wonderful time to visit Thailand—the food scene is growing, Bangkok is quickly becoming more than just a stopover city—and no trip is complete without at least a few days at the beach. Here is our guide to the best of the best—some well-known, some completely remote—that will keep you more than busy on any trip. 


Thailand is a collage of animated scenes that comprise bustling modern cities crowded with motorbikes and tuk-tuks, Buddhist temples tended by orange-robed monks, hill tribes selling handicrafts, lush landscapes dotted with traditional farming villages, ancient ruins and stunning coastlines peppered with gorgeous beaches and blue lagoons. Such a captivating portrait explains why Thailand is Southeast Asia’s most popular travel destination. And despite the heavy flow of tourism, Thailand retains its quintessential identity with its own unique culture and history and a carefree people famed for their smiles.

Thailand and Bangkok has something to offer for everyone which is why we love Coding here!

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