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influencer Marketing Partnership

We have built a unique education platform blending digital education with travel.  If you are a person that is passionate about travel, technology, or the lifestyle – then our partner marketing program is right for you.  Earn real money as you promote education, technology, and travel. 

How it works

We partner with digital influences, travel bloggers, coding nomads, programmers and more to share our story, and our programs and in return we pay those who help us reach the next generation of coding and digital students, across the globe. 

We pay our partner marketers each time a student signs up through them through using a unique promo code assigned to each partner.  Because we use this method, we can pay our partner's excellent rates (really good).  

Students using your promo code will receive between $500 to $1000 off the price of the Full Stack Web Developer course, so it is worthwhile going through you.  

We are seeking all types of influencers to help us attract more students to our great education company.

*We also suggest linking your website to ours (if available to maximize exposure on both ends). 


We can use either #sponsored tag or as a business partner if you have a business account on Instagram.


What do I say?

Great question! Once we have made an agreement with you, we will provide you a list of content you can use on many channels including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and blog posts.

How you get paid

We have created a system in which you are not left in the dark after you send us potential students our way.  

You sign our standard payment agreement as a contractor. 
Potential student views your post and uses your personal promo code to apply.
Once accepted they are required to get a 2nd code from you (alternative code) and at this point you know they have signed up. This 2nd code confirms we booked in the student and you will get paid. 

The student uses the 2nd code you gave to get a discount off the program. 
We can pay through PayPal, email transfer, or wire transfer generally within 48 hrs. 

Pay rates

Full Stack Boot Camp

USD 1000 per student
USD 1200 per student after 3 or more
One Week Bootcamps

USD 300 per student
USD 400 per student after 3 or more

Extended Partner Benefits

Our partners receive extended benefits to all of our programs at 25% off program costs once we have accepted students from you.  


If you recruit 10 or more students, you will receive all the cash bonus plus a free trip to one of our destinations.


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