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Our all hands-on deck digital marketing boot camp is the digital marketers dream.  We have taken what businesses want from a digital marketer and created the course around what skills will get you hired, a pay raise, or additional skillsets.  This one-week intensive provides you the fundamentals and the in-depth knowledge to manage digital marketing campaigns.  Gain proficiency in social advertising and use Facebook, Google AdWords, and Google Analytics to find meaning in user behavior. Develop and plan a campaign driven by data and paid‐search strategies — and measured by key performance indicators.


What is Included:


Free Accommodation

You will get free accommodation (yea free) close to the white sand beaches, nightlife, and access to Cozumel, Tulum, Cancun and so many other amazing things to do.


Travel Excursions

You will have access the 100’s of travel excursions across the Mayan Riveria, from diving with sharks to surfing trips, to weekend fun in Cancun, you will have the time of your life when you are not learning digital marketing.


Airfare Credit

If you apply by our travel credit date you will be eligible for airfare credit to our destination and airport transfer to your unit.


International network

If you look at many agencies and large corporations, the world of coding and marketing employee people from every place on earth, that’s why we focus on a global network.


Local Support

You’re not alone in paradise.  We provide local support to let you feel at home while you are away.


Gain Real World Experience

You won't just be completing assignments. Instead, you'll be performing real-world tasks such as building websites, driving traffic, crafting digital ads, and optimizing your campaigns.


Master The Tools

At the end of the course, you'll gain a complete understanding of the tools used in the industry today, such as Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner, etc.


Become a Digital Marketer

Besides the tools, you'll learn how to think like a digital marketer. You'll be able to craft personalized messages suited for your target audience, and design campaigns that speaks to them.



Learning Schedule.

Our curriculum was created to simulate a real developer’s job environment. You'll be exposed to industry-relevant technologies, and then immediately reinforce that knowledge by building applications & completing daily programming projects.


Digital Marketing Framework & Strategy

Learn to create great marketing campaigns. Gain a marketer’s perspective and design campaigns based on the key objectives set. Find out how to segment your customers and identify channels to communicate with them.

Digital Marketing and SEO

Digital Marketing Strategy and Channels SEO Practices

Paid Search, Adwords, Display, programmatic and SEM Paid Social

Content Marketing & Social

  • Creating a content Strategy
  • Content Marketing and Social Media

Marketing Acquisition & Conversion Rate Optimization

How will your website stand out from a million others? Learn what makes a good website, and understand the difference between landing- and sales-pages. Identify key objectives of a web page, and explore various platforms to create great converting websites.

  • Landing Pages, UX intro and lead gen
  • A/B Testing and Marketing Optimization

Customer Engagement & Retention

  • CRM and EMAIL Marketing
  • Retargeting, Referrals and tracking

Analytics, Data, & Reporting

  • Metrics, Sources
  • Google Analytics

Display, Facebook, and Mobile Deep Dives

Consumers and businesses are increasingly spoiled for choice. Learn to convince skeptical customers to choose you. Also, find out how to increase customer loyalty on social media to create trust and relationship.

Persuasion and Budget Planning

  • How to story tell
  • Campaign Planning and Budgets

Presentations & Next Steps

  • -Present your projects and get feedback
  • -Finalize your portfolio. Update your resume

Digital Marketing Curriculums

Download our curriculum package to get an in-depth curriculum for our Digital Marketing



Learn from professional developers who bring years of experience and passion for mentorship into our classroom.


Tyler Pennell

Head Instructor


Jeff Denson

Head Instructor


Are you a future marketer?

Anyone can apply for our digital marketing program. 

A background in a related discipline is not required; the aim of the Professional Diploma is to enable you to learn everything you need to know at a foundation level, so you can kick start your digital career. You could be a business owner, a traditional or digital marketing professional, a recent graduate, or simply looking to change your career. The only prerequisite is that you have an interest in digital marketing and want to progress your career.

Our certifications deliver best current practice, theory and applied skills in digital, and are recognized and respected across the industry.



Career in marketing.

Becoming a Digital Marketing Professional will provide you with a strong foundation in the core concepts of digital marketing. Your Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing will give you an in-depth understanding of how to effectively strategize and implement powerful digital marketing campaigns that convert. From social media marketing to search marketing, you’ll learn everything you need to excel at your digital marketing career.

Digital Marketing Coordinator/Strategist

Developing, implementing and optimizing digital marketing campaigns across multiple channels including organic, paid and earned tactics.

Social Media Coordinator/Strategist

Creating and curating social content, engaging with the community, monitoring trending conversations and measuring success metrics.

SEO Coordinator/Strategist

Creating and executing a SEO strategy to improve search rankings and build stronger brand visibility including on page, off page and technical efforts.

Paid Advertising Coordinator/Strategist

Building online advertising strategies to drive results for your business including search, display, remarketing, video and social media ad campaigns.


Apply online

We’ll help you cultivate your career goals and lay out a plan of attack.

Prep Modules

We will get you sorted with our preop module so you will be comfortable on day 1.

Admissions Process.

Our students put their trust in us, so we hold ourselves to the highest standards to ensure that everyone coming into our program is set up for success.


Tuition $4900 USD

-Includes Accommodation

-Daily Breakfast

Dates and Locations

February 24th -April 3rd 2020

April 6th- May 8th 2020



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