Why take an international coding boot camp?


Coding Experiences provides our students white sand beaches, mountains, waterfalls, surfing, diving, swimming and much more on their time off when they are not learning code. The number one priority of coding experience is education; it's where you get educated and what you do beyond is the added bonus of a lifetime. You will spend hours upon hours in the classroom and somedays you might not see outside that often, but just like time off work, you want to do fun and exciting things. Instead of a dive bar on the weekend, you will get to go diving with stingrays and turtles. That's what we call living for the weekend.

The experience

We pick the location for many reasons, and they are because they offer students so many options to try and see amazing things. The experience of living in another country is something everyone should try in their life, it takes adjustment, but it is utterly amazing. The sights and sounds and the weather (unless we are doing our snow coding camps) will be shorts and t-shirt.


You will notice that coders come in all genders, races, religions and everything under the moon which is the most fantastic thing. The language of code see's no barriers, and the industry welcomes everyone in. Living among locals in other countries matched with students from across the world makes our coding boot camp one of the most unique educational experiences you can have.

The locations

Ok, you get that our courses are taught in exotic locations right, and the tuition price includes flight and your accommodation. Beyond that, you will have the chances to learn code in Mexico and Costa Rica which has fantastic beaches, jungles and many other cool things. In Mexico, you will be able to go diving in Cozumel or go for a concert out in Cancun and even check out the world-famous cenotes.

The price

Our tuition is cheap than other primary Canadian coding schools and much cheaper than most USA coding boot camps. For example, if you lived in Toronto the average apartment rents for $2000 per month and food with cost around $500. By going to one of our boot camps, our students would save an instant $5000 on living costs while being able to live by the beach for free.