Does a coding bootcamp get me a job?

The easy answer is maybe. The honest answer about bootcamp certificates (including our bootcamp) is that some employers will recognize them and some won't. In general if you want a piece of paper that will help you get a job, go for the 4 year CS degree from a respected univeristy. What you get from a bootcamp is a certificate that some employers will respect, very few will ignore but a portfolio of work you can show is king upon kings. The portfolio and the personal connections you make (networking, networking, networking) are the real jewels you are after. There is a cost to that flexibility though. One great way to get your foot in the door in the tech industry is to network. To meet others who are interested in the same things as you, and to meet industry leaders. That’s something that does not comes very naturally if you don't attend a boot camp or try and learn yourself. A CS degree puts you out 4 years plus $30,000 to over $100,000 in debt while our boot camp is $8500 USD and includes accommodation.

Like we said, having real world experience and a great portfolio will help land you a career and a position you want. Rome wasn't built for a day and nor will you master the skills needed (you will always learn). With hard work, dedication, and a nack to learn, you will be where you want One thing I tell my students is don't think of it as "I'll go for a couple of months while in the bootcamp and then I'll be fine." No, you won't. The way you get jobs through them is to be an ongoing member who attends regularly and gets to know people. Sneaking in, listening to the speaker and sneaking out won't get you anywhere either. You must engage people in conversation. It is when they get to know YOU that your odds of someone remembering you had a skill or interest in a specific area will lead to them recommending be in no time.

The key is differentiate yourself! Give people a reason to choose you over your compettion!

Tyler Pennell