Why digital marketers need to know code

Know technology better

Digital marketing relies on advancements in many technologies to communicate with potential customers effectively. Before modern computing technology was available, there was no concept of digital marketing. Marketers should, therefore, keep in mind that an intimate understanding of new technologies can help them to stay on the cutting edge of advancements that can yield opportunity in the marketing space. Just like how digital marketing hardly existed 20 years ago, the next paradigm in marketing will emerge similarly. Marketers who possess the technical knowledge necessary to understand new technologies and their implications will be in the best position to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

It will improve your communication with programmers

When you create and launch a new marketing campaign, how many issues come out of a misunderstanding between the digital marketers creating the plan and the web developers implementing it? Learning the basics of a few programming languages and even knowing the lingo can go a long way in preventing unnecessary miscommunication. Understanding the process will help you get the most out of your time and budget; possessing the knowledge to have an informed discussion with the people who will implement your ideas allows you to speak more clearly to cost and timeframe.

Do SEO better

You quickly notice that your understanding of SEO improved immensely now that you got a grasp of coding. First, it helps you to analyze your opponent’s SEO, which, in turn, enables you to develop quality SEO, both for your company and your clients. For SEO to be great, you need to analyze the tiny bits and pieces of your pages in HTML. Luckily for you, after hours and hours of coding, you transformed in a giant, half man – half scanner SEO monster.

Know how a website is built

Whether tinkering with an email template, making a vital website update or formatting a landing page, knowing HTML comes in handy. You won’t need to wait for a developer (or pay extra fees) if you can do it yourself.

HTML, CSS and even JavaScript are the foundation that many digital marketing tools run. For instance, Hubspot, Google Analytics, HootSuite and WordPress all require some sort of combination of these three languages to customize and leverage them effectively. This includes integrating tracking codes, customizing layouts and reporting user behaviour on a website to gauge performance.