Learn how to code, no matter your career!

Learn code on your vacation

Learning code is a big task if you want to make it a career, but for many of you, it's just another life skill. People learn project management, Lean six, toastmaster and many other career boosters that will not only enhance your personal skills but help you grow in your career ladder. Learning code is an essential tool that many think it is not for them. The intro to web development bootcamp that Coding Experiences has in Mexico, and Costa Rica is an excellent way for you to learn the foundation of code, learn how to build a website from scratch while living in paradise.

Why should we learn code?

Coding develops structured and creative thinking

When programmers are given a problem to solve, they don't just start to code right away. Problems are not solved that way. When you see a problem, you need to break it down into workable pieces and then get on it. Do non-programmers ever approach to a problem like this? Rare! When you start learning to program, you develop the habit of working your way out in a very structured format. You gradually program your brain to break every problem down to bits and understand better. You start thinking logically, and this gives rise to more creative solutions you've ever given.

It will help you develop problem-solving skills

Just like any other language, coding consists of particular rules that make everything work accordingly. By learning how to use them, you will need to use your logic so you can overcome any problems that might arise. You will have to pay attention to detail and start getting creative on how you can make things as easy to use and productive as possible.

Coding is full of surprises, and that usually means there are a lot of problems to be solved. If you’d like to work on your problem-solving skills and unleash your creativity while making unique and easy to use websites, you should definitely consider learning to code.

It creates new career opportunities

Knowing how to can be of significant advantage when it comes to your career. If you wish to not only code full time but to also find the time to work on other things, this skill allows you to do so.

From insurance brokers to physical therapists, learning code will help you save time and money in the long run.

To sum it up

Learning to code can be a beneficial skill that will allow you to open up more opportunities at your workplace and possibly give you a new career perspective.

It can be a lot simpler than you expect and despite what most people think, you don’t have to be an expert at math! Give it a try, and you might end up changing your life for the better.