5 reasons to take a coding boot camp


We have all been there saying we need to learn how to code, this is the year. Well, let this year be that year that you take the leap and join a boot camp. There are many reasons why you should join a coding program, and we helped sum it up to 5 perfect ones.


Pretty much anything can be learnt from the internet these days including coding. One of the hard parts is motivating yourself for up to 500 hours to self-teach yourself this craft. In a coding boot camp program, you will be able to not only find motivation from fellow students, but the instructors as well will help ensure you succeed.

Learn more in-depth

Having industry-leading instructors helps a lot when it comes to in-depth training that no online course can provide. Our instructors bring real-world examples into class to help better understand the many work situations you can come across in the world of web development.

Learn faster

Having a quarter of a year blocked out to the craft of web development will help you learn much, much, much faster than you would be doing it online or by yourself. Our lessons plans are made, so you learn and practice in just the right amount of time because there is a lot to learn like You need to be proficient in multiple programming languages, such as JAVA, PHP, C #, Python, Ruby, Perl etc.


You will make friends and better so, a vast alumni network full of developers across North America and the world. A job may arise and by having fellow alumni at the company will go a long way to helping secure the position.

Real world projects

We assign you, real-world clients, to get a real-world portfolio. You will actually feel what it is like to be in an agency and work for a client. We have seen students who have worked on a student project with a client get a job after their program is done! You can get that with an online boot camp.