Boot camp or university?


University education is great and we believe that it is a great and smart route to go but not always the best choice. Some of our students finished their degree and want to add extra education to their resume while other students are fresh in to the work force and looking for a career.

Our bootcamp instructors continually critique each student's coding style. They teach testing. They teach our students how to use their editors. How to use an editor is something that a traditional Computer science degree program would never think of teaching. Our program focuses intensely on the practical skills required to be a productive programmer. These are skills that Computer Science programs expect students to pick up around the edges of their course work. By being this pragmatic and giving students an intense workload, bootcamps are able to match the practical skills of CS grads.


Taking our coding bootcamp for 8 weeks plus prep will not make you the god of web dvelopers. The course will give you knowledge and skills a mile wide and allow you to continue to foucs on areas that you like to do, big or small. A CS degree can teach you so much information but it takes 4 years and $40-80k in tuitition. That means 4 years of no real job and many years paying off their tuition. If a students takes our bootcamp, in the same 4 year period they would have around 3.5 years of work experience as a web developer which would beat a cs degree almost 8/10 times.


The cost of doing our web developer bootcamp is around the small price as semester at an american university. Our students can pay their tuition upfront or take a small loan out and have it paid off in as little as a few months.

Career goals

If you are thinking you would want to be a CEO or manager, sometimes university better and smarter option. We at Coding Experiences want to ensure our students know what they want before they sign up for a major career changing program. Those with degrres (and if you have our course bonus points) then you you set yourself up well for future positions within or not in the field of tech.

If you want to be a coder and get intot he field as quick as possible, taking a 4 year degree is not a choice that would fit the desired career path.

Tyler Pennell